Koi Carp and Japanese Maple
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Japanese Acer : Burgundy Lace
Japanese Maple : Burgundy Lace
Japanese Acer : Crimson Princess
Japanese Maple : Crimson Princess
Japanese Acer : Garnet
Japanese Maple : Garnet
Japanese Acer : Japanese Sunrise
Japanese Maple : Japanese Sunrise
Japanese Acer : Katsura
Japanese Maple : Katsura
Japanese Acer : Koto-No-Ito
Japanese Maple : Koto-No-Ito
Japanese Acer : Lionheart
Japanese Maple : Lionheart
Japanese Acer : Mirte
Japanese Maple : Mirte
Japanese Acer : Omure Yama
Japanese Maple : Omure Yama
Japanese Acer : Red Emporer
Japanese Maple : Red Emperor
Japanese Acer : Shadiva Gold
Japanese Maple : Shadiva Gold
Japanese Acer : Shin Deshojo
Japanese Maple : Shin Deshojo
Japanese Acer : Shirazz
Japanese Maple : Shirazz
Japanese Acer : Sumi Nagashi
Japanese Maple : Sumi Nagashi
Japanese Acer : Tamuke Yama
Japanese Maple : Tamuke Yama
Japanese Acer : Various Specimens
Japanese Maple : Various Specimens
Japanese Acer : Various Specimens
Japanese Maple : Various Specimens
Japanese Acer : Viridis
Japanese Maple : Viridis
Japanese Acer : Viridis Patio
Japanese Maple : Viridis Standard
Japanese Acer : Vitafolium
Japanese Maple : Vitafolium

The Bays Nursery and Acer Centre already supply trees to garden design clients.

We are keen to expand this aspect of our business and have therefore introduced this new section to illustrate some of our specimen Japanese maples.

Our range of varieties is around 90 - see our stock page - with sizes ranging from 5 litre pots (trees approximately 50cm - 60cm tall) to 30 litre pots (trees up to 300cm tall).

We do not however stock all varieties in all sizes but our total stock level is normally around 600 trees.

Click to see our stock varieties ... Click to see our stock varieties ...