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  1. Colin Munday

    Fabulous range of Japanese Maples!

  2. Jacki Earl

    Wow, Wow, Wow. If you love Acers, this nursery is heaven. It is very well stocked, tidy, friendly place. A joy to visit and a credit to the owners.

  3. J Harrison

    As a lover of Japanese acers and the owner of a large selection it was a pleasure to visit this nursery, the selection is wonderful and the un-usual acers I have purchased have truely enhanced our collection.

  4. janet mccall

    hope you can help i got one of you acers at sandringham flower show and when i got home i see you had taken the name of could you please tell me which one it was ,if you can that is .
    it was number 8 . on your stand .
    thank you for you time and any other thing i my need to know ref how to plant in and the best soil .
    thank you
    mrs j i mccall

  5. stephen Foley

    just looked at your web site all i can say is WOW

  6. Liz Cooper

    I have just discovered the delights of growing Acers, and this was defiantly the place to begin. The owners were very friendly and gave me lots of guidance. But how to choose which ones to buy. So many healthy beautiful Acers to look at. Well forth a visit.

  7. Jillian Strath

    Hi, We live in the New Forest and have several established Acers in our garden planted many years ago by the previous owner. We have been in the house for 9 years and are due to move in the summer/early autumn. We would like to purchase the same plants to recreate the amazing planting and display created by the previous owner. Are you able to identify the plants for us if we emailed some pictures to you? We are finding hard to fins and identify one in particular.

    Many thanks

  8. armel flores

    Your nursery is beyond awesome based from your website. Definitely visitting one of this days. May i just ask though if you have a shishigashira variety?
    Looking forward and excited to visit very soon.

    A. Flores

  9. Brian Hilton

    Looking for a couple of maples (1 red 1 green) for sandy soil part shade & full sun
    dry salt air slightly windy (Skegness)
    height now 1.5 to 2m can collect
    Price please

  10. Carol Leach

    Really pleased with the 2 Acers bought yesterday. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Really friendly and helpful. I will be back. Thanks

  11. Steve at Maplecolour

    Far from home on holiday, great supply of
    unusual /hard to find Acers, Very helpful, not
    many places offering this selection. Thanks.

  12. Julie Stewart

    I am very impressed with the range of Acers on offer and am looking for a particular Acer, but do not know a name. I have an Acer which is dome shaped in my back garden and am not sure if there is a similar shape in the bright green/yellows that I am searching for. It would be appreciated if as well as a single photo of the leaves and a description of the differing colours through the seasons that there were photographs of the leaves in the differing seasons and also the shape that the tree grows into ie a shot from a distance to see the shape that it is in a pot. I look forward to hearing from you and visiting sometime soon.

  13. Brenda Wellington

    Thank you Nigel, your nursery is fantastic, and so many, my Acer I chose looks simply beautiful. I visited you on Saturday and forgot to ask how old my Acer is. I have forgotten the name, but remember it was number 40 on your stand last year. When you have a minute, I would love an answer!!!

  14. Alan Smith

    Good day from South Africa. Your Japanese Maples pictures are really out of this world. South Africa is just picking up with the Japanese maples and I for one as a collector am looking for maples that you have. Would you consider exporting to South Africa?

  15. Mark Worsfold

    Great little Acer nursery with a nice range of maples highly recommend a visiting the nursery I will be going back soon for some more! many thanks mark

  16. paul & caren wright

    popped in today to have a nosey and came away with 3 fantastic acers. on the way home caren mentioned a weeping acer, guess we'll be back.

  17. Angie Rooney

    went over today after been let down by a mail order company. Wow what a site if you are into Acers, this is the place to be, we came away with three fantastic trees, really helpful chap and friendly, we will be back i can guarantee.
    Credit to the owners all plants in perfect condition.

  18. Wayne Stannard

    Wow! What can I say!? Anyone that loves Acers will absolutely love this place! This is the finest selection of Acers I've ever seen! The quality is second to none - also very reasonably priced! Today was my second visit this week. I will be back again soon :-)

  19. colin hodges

    im so glad this nursery is not "just around the corner" as i think my marriage would be under pressure from the quality of plants you may wish to buy here. Options are endless. and Bring a trailer !
    many thanks Bays!

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